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we would like all our members to try and get atleast 3 recruits each week. But do not mass recruit.

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 Rules to Recruiting in this area

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PostSubject: Rules to Recruiting in this area   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:35 pm

All GV members whom wish to recruit an applicant or applicants from this area must read and follow the rules below:

1. When recruiting from this area of the Forum it is FIRST come FIRST serve, so please do not argue (if someone has already stated that they will take the recruit, please do not post saying that you want them in another Division, this can be considered poaching). The only exception to this rule would be if the applicant/recruit has requested to be in a certain division. If this is the case, The Requested Division will take priority over the first division that posted. In the end, it is the applicants decision to join whichever he/she chooses. In this scenario, No third party division is invited to offer a spot with them.

2. Check that the applicant is of age to join GV (if the applicant is TWO weeks of turning The correct age, they may be accepted otherwise all others MUST be of Age).

3. NO SPAMMING, arguing, bashing, talking trash or anything of that nature. The regular Forum rules still apply in this section so abide by them.

4. Before actually recruiting the applicant, the application must be approved AND closed; once this is done you may let the applicant into your Division.
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Rules to Recruiting in this area
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